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If you're unsure whether or not you need to hire an editor, the quick answer is yes. Hiring a professional editor allows you the ability to put the finishing touches on your manuscript and give it that unique voice you were searching for. Having your manuscript professionally edited will make your transition into the publishing world smooth and easy.


As an editor, I'll work closely with you to:



I realize the book publishing—or self publishing—business can be overwhelming especially for a first time novelist. That is why I work hard at providing you with expert editorial advice. I'll help you to avoid the common mistakes a lot of writers make especially when starting out; saving you time, money and eliminating your publishing hassles.



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Why hire an editor?

To help you achieve your vision and put the finishing touches on your manuscript


To help you bring out your unique voice and express your message clearly to your targeted audience


To help eliminate any and all errors from your work. This is an absolute must regardless if you're self publishing or in search of a publishing house

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