Freelance Editing Rates

Freelance editing rates vary depending upon the editor. While some editors charge a flat fee for their services, I prefer to set my fees on an individual basis. This allows me to offer you an affordable and competitve rate based upon your actual needs. My goal as an editor is to help you get your work published in a professional timely manner. By offering tailor made quotes, someone in need of a few minor editorial changes will be able to get their manuscript professional edited without paying outrageous fees for services they don't need or require.


I strive to meet all of my clients' needs. My job as an editor is much more than simply to fix your spelling and grammar mistakes. It also includes saving you time, money and helping you to transition into the publishing world with as little difficulty as possible. One way I do this is by providing tailor made quotes for each individual client.


If you're interested in my services, please feel free to send me an email or fill out the form on my contact page. Please be sure to include all of the necessary documents so that I may provide you with a quote as quickly as possible.



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Why hire an editor?

To help you achieve your vision and put the finishes touches on your manuscript


To help you bring out your unique voice and express your message clearly to your targeted audience


To help eliminate any and all errors from your work. This is an absolute must regardless if you're self publishing or in search of a publishing house

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